Explore Collaboration: Behind the Software

The Marketplace webinar series aims to explore partnerships that heighten our VOS Sapphire product line in new and exciting ways.

  • Benefit from insights of knowledgeable experts
  • Participate in engaging discussions 
  • Learn more about features that make their jobs easier

Each episode shines a spotlight on our partners and product functionalities, including:

  • Enhancing interview skills
  • Immersive training experiences 
  • Interactive demos 
  • Latest trends 
  • Education opportunities 
  • ...and so much more!

View resources from each of our previous episodes below. And check back frequently on this page for the next event in this series.

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Marketplace Webinar Replay: Paid Family Leave Module

In our May Marketplace webinar, we were joined by Geographic Solutions' UI Benefits Teams Manager, Fairy Curtis, as she demonstrated the Paid Family Leave Claimant and Employer Management Modules. Fairy provided an in-depth and informative exploration of the module while offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of paid family leave and employer management. The Paid Family Leave Module helps staff members organize and coordinate some of the most important data points of these programs. 

Marketplace Webinar Replay: Adult Education Module

In our February Marketplace webinar, we were joined by Geographic Solutions Business Analyst, Ashley Jones, as she demonstrated the Adult Education Module. Ashley conducted an interactive and informative demo while discussing tips and sharing insights for professionals in this field. The Adult Education Module not only provides access for students to continue their path to a high school diploma or GED, but it also ensures federal reporting compliance.

Marketplace Webinar Replay: Big Interview 

In our January Marketplace webinar, we welcomed Big Interview Co-Founder and Chief Coach, Pamela Skillings, and Director of Client Relations, Summer Lowery. As the author of Job Interviewing for Dummies, Pamela leaned on her insight from writing the book, as well as her experience at Big Interview to lend valuable knowledge to the audience. She spoke about common challenges job seekers face in interviews, how skills-based hiring plays into job interviewing, advice for staff members and employers at job centers, and more.

Marketplace Webinar Rewind: Metrix Learning 

In the second edition of our new web series, Partnership Marketplace, Metrix Learning, and Workforce180 presented on training, skills building, gamification, and more. Attendees participated in live collaboration to highlight in-demand certifications in their area, were treated to a discussion on the future of training and saw an in-depth Metrix Learning demo. As part of the VOS Sapphire marketplace, Metrix Learning offers users over 7,000 integrated basic, intermediate, and advanced self-paced interactive training courses in workplace skills, business, and information technology. 

Partnership Marketplace Webinar Rewind: Standout 

VOS Sapphire is a modular system with over 100 unique parts that make up a whole. Earlier this week, StandOut’s Vice President of Marketing, Matt Carlson and Senior Director of Sales, Bruce Sylva, led the first-ever Partnership Marketplace, a new webinar series that aims to explore partnerships that heighten our VOS Sapphire product line in new and exciting ways. Attendees saw an in-depth demo of StandOut, a platform for virtual interview practice. They were also treated to a discussion on why interview practice is so important, and how virtual platforms in this industry are making it easier for folks to prepare and build their confidence.