Distributing $41.9 Billion in Unemployment Compensation

Geographic Solutions uses Cisco UCS to confront pandemic job crisis

As the United States confronted a debilitating health crisis in Spring 2020, a similarly catastrophic unemployment crisis was materializing. Countless companies were forced to furlough workers, eliminate positions, or shut down altogether. As a result, many states and territories struggled to alleviate traffic bottlenecks on unemployment insurance websites, handle the intake of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims, and distribute benefits in a timely manner.

"Our state unemployment systems experienced a 5000 to 6000 percent increase in traffic in March," said Paul Toomey, President and Founder of Geographic Solutions, a leading provider of online employment software for state and local workforce agencies. "There was a tremendous pressure to get money to the people who needed it, so we had to spin up new capabilities and scale our environment very, very, quickly."

The Server Scale

"Setting up a state's unemployment system typically takes at least two years if they're moving fast," Toomey said. "We had to do it in a matter of weeks for multiple states and territories."

To do so, Geographic Solutions purchased 19 Cisco® UCS® servers with a 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel Optane™ persistent memory (PMem). Seven of the servers are 112 core, ultra-high performance nodes, one each for the new states and territories Geographic Solutions is now supporting.

Making History

In less than two months, Geographic Solutions was able to scale its infrastructure to support the needs of nine states and U.S. territories. And over the course of 2020, the company processed and distributed a historic $41.9 billion in unemployment compensation and thwarted $10.7 billion in fraudulent claims.

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Reducing Recidivism with

Workforce Partnerships

In the July/August 2021 edition of American Jails, Geographic Solutions' Business Development Executive for Corrections, Richard Boone, and Director of Sales and Marketing, Deane Toler, discuss how partnerships between workforce agencies and state and local corrections entities can reduce incidents of recidivism. The direct benefits of recidivism reduction includes increasing the safety in our communities, decreasing victimization rates, reducing criminal justice costs, and fostering family preservation. 

Reduced Recidivism with Pre-Release Employment Prospects

Studies have shown that unemployment rates are highest for ex-offenders within the first two years of their release, and programs that focus on proactive, pre-release job placement can, in fact, reduce the likelihood of recidivism, especially among non-violent offenders.

A Solution for Reentry 

In recent years, partnerships between state workforce and correction agencies have brought web-based career services technology to the justice-involved, with much success, including pre-release inmates in jails. A leading solution is Virtual OneStop® Reentry Employment Opportunities (VOS REO). Through the use of the system's resources and job search functionality, VOS REO helps inmates develop skills and line up work faster. 

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